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In Scouting, we take child protection very seriously. All adults that have a role in Scouting, including leaders, assistants, helpers, skills instructors, committee members and occasional helpers undertake full enhanced CRB checks.

In addition, those taking an active and regular part in running Scouts, are interviewed by the District Appointments Committee to assess whether they are suitable to undertake the role that they are working in. There are regular training courses for leaders detailing child protection issues, how to manage it, and what to do to ensure that all children in Scouting are safe. Adults in Scouting are given the “Yellow Card”, which details the Scout Association “Young People First” policy, with a code of behaviour and how to act if there are suspicions of abuse or allegations. See the Scout Association Website.

Website Issues
On this website, we display some details of the activities that we undertake. We are very careful not to provide too much detail on-line, as we can’t be certain who is viewing the information. So, we never show a young members name next to a picture of them, and when we advertise dates, times and locations, we are careful not to introduce risks to young people. Where it is unavoidable that dates and times are published, for example, when recruiting, and potential members and their parents need to know where and when activities are taking place, then the leaders will make extra child protection preparations.

We ask all parents to ensure that when this is the case, that they deliver and collect their children directly to and from the location of the activity, and make sure that a leader is aware that they have arrived, and been collected.

As the timings of weekly meetings is widely known and advertised, we ask that parents take the precaution of delivering and collecting their children directly into the Scout HQs each week.



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